From 1991-99, there was a T.V show called Home Improvement starring comedian, Tim Allen. One of the characters on the show, Wilson, always hid the lower part of his face behind the fence that separated his house and the Taylor’s. Wilson would give advice and words of wisdom when the Taylor family was in need of some guidance. Though it seemed intimate, there was no real contact or full face to face conversation. As “wise” as Wilson was, he still hid behind the fence never revealing his whole self.

As much as I like to post on Facebook I understand there is still a fence that separates me from those who read and see my posts. But because I desire to be a witness, I’m willing to go where the people are most focused. I believe seeds are still being sown but there is no real intimacy. Just as Wilson gave great advice and words of wisdom to his neighbors behind the fence, I feel that no matter how good the words are the growth is limited between me and my “neighbors” on social media. Though I’m in contact weekly with some, the many I reach out to don’t know who I am.

Social media is one way to preach the word but to get to know someone there is nothing like gathering together and seeing eachother face to face. Don’t stop posting or tweeting or whatever you do but keep in mind there is a “fence” between you and them called, devices! (: -CCE