A podcast allows you to subscribe to a feed of Zion’s sermons so that you receive the latest sermon automatically as soon as it is posted. For those that regularly download the message, the podcast is the quickest way for you to get the weekly sermon. For more information on podcasting check out Wikipedia’s definition.


How to Subscribe to the Podcast

Step 1:

Download the latest version of iTunes from Apple.com. Versions for both PC and Mac are available for free.

Step 2:

Subscribe to our “Zion Christian Center Sermons” podcast by searching for “Zion Christian Center Sermons” in the Search iTunes Store box. Then just click “Subscribe” to complete the subscription.

Step 3:

Download the latest message by clicking the “Get” button in your iTunes Podcasts page. Now you can listen to the podcast directly from iTunes, download it to your iPod, or burn it to a CD to share the Good News with others.

Our podcast is located here.

What’s included?

All of the messages that are given at Zion Christian Center are recorded and included in the podcast. This includes Sunday and Wednesday services and messages given at special events. The podcast began over 10 years ago and contains hundreds of messages.