As I was adding my usual cream and sugar to my mid-morning coffee, I heard that familiar, still, small voice say, “I’ll take mine black.”  I gave a little chuckle because true friends know how the other likes their coffee.
The other day I was asked to close my eyes and remember something fun I had done the previous day. “Where was Jesus?”, they asked. I had to smile because of course he was jumping on the trampoline with me; robes flapping, hair flying all around, and a huge grin lighting up his face. That’s my friend.
As I treaded in the warm water of the Sea of Galilee, I told Jesus “This is my favorite place.”  “Mine too,” He whispered back. Good friends have things in common.
My closest confidant, my keeper of secrets, my encourager and my muse. The first person on my mind when I wake and the last when I sleep, He’s Jesus, my friend.