by Grace…

Mystified, unsettled

Life was becoming too hard

But while this feeling nagged

A hushed voice wooed

“There’s a better way”

The Spirit prodded

Like a slap up side my head

I was turned by Grace…

His resplendent light

Exposed the path

Pried open my eyes

And revealed to my spirit

A haven where peace prevails

Again the voice serenaded,

“Come to Me”

And so I was drawn by Grace…

Welcomed to a new home

Adopted into the family of God

I found warm arms which

Pulled me into a devoted embrace

Affording me time

To cleave to the Foundation

The Rock of Ages

Enveloped by Grace…

My own unsteady gait

Fueled by fleshly wants

War ravaged my soul

 While relentless vengeful Evil

Battled for my retreat

But on the cross

He announced “It is finished!”

And I was steadied by Grace…

The trap of sin has lost its grip

Temptation’s webs swept away

Sirens’ voices morphed from

Honey to vinegar

The deceiver argues “pleasure”

But vain thoughts now captured

To the obedience of Christ

I am secured by Grace…

New emotions

Germinate in my spirit

 Tenderness for the weak

Empathy for the broken

Hope for demoralized souls

 Sympathy for mourners

Reprieve for captives

Now, challenged by Grace…

He completed the work

But it’s no time to rest

Satan’s chains hold sway

Over a world ruled by spite

Anguished souls imprisoned

Cannot break clear

Hungry for the Light

We are empowered by Grace…

What have I accomplished?

How did I overcome?

In what way do I deserve

The life I now have?

He went to the cross

His blood was spilled

And then the grave couldn’t hold Him

All are resurrected by Grace…

The price to gain His virtue

Is more than I can amass

The quality to merit His mercy

Light-years beyond my best

 But no endeavor can procure

The forgiveness of our Lord

Merely meek and humble faith

Made flawless by Grace…

Trying to define this clemency

The depth of God’s devotion

Takes a lifetime of learning

Seated at His feet

Each day reveals new mercies

Each night new wounds are healed

Ceaseless, boundless love

Now, inspired by Grace…

James “Rocky” Curtiss 06/02/2014