Beyond Words

In all the books ever written
Within every volume of prose
The totality of poetic verse
No word, no phrase, no homily
Captures your beauty,
Oh Lord.

No song ever sung
Nor symphony composed
Not a masterpiece on canvas
Or sculpture fashioned
Reveals your purity,
Precious Lamb.

Imperial mountains quake
Majestic oceans roar
Sublime canyons carved
By regal rushing rivers
Not but a whisper of your might,
Creator God.

The coo of a swaddled baby
Nestled against a mother’s heart
The rapture of the kiss
After sacred vows spoke
Faintly brush the Shepherd’s love,
My Jesus.

Short of your Mercy Seat
Unworthy of your Glory
Stained, tattered, pitiful
Devoid value, use, purpose
How did I find you,
My Lord?

You reached down into the pit
Spanned the chasm of my sin
And gathered me to your breast
Filled with hope, rapturous joy
Now your love flames within,
My Savior

Rocky James Curtiss 02/05/2016